S2E02 – Zombie Bro


Wassup brosephs! We’re back with a fantabulous new episode with our Bro of Honor iZombieNation‘s S.J. Allan to just, like, come chillax with us, shotgun a few brews and talk about “Zombie Bro”.

The vibes are harsh when a frat brother goes down in the most heinous of party fouls and Liv has to snack down to solve the case. Meanwhile, Blaine is, like, running the most excellent game of mental beer pong and we meet his dad, who is this, like, total dick. And Major and Ravi throw down like rockstars and totally run this club, but Major is super bummed and just can’t deal, you know?

Make sure to check out S.J. on Twitter and his website iZombieNation.com!

*NOTE: There were a couple audio issues on this one. Apologies!*

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