S2E06 – Max Wager


Well it looks like iZombie finally gave away the secret of how we record every podcast over Skype. So thanks for that, show. But besides that bit of awkwardness, Mallika joins us again to talk about “Max Wager”!

No matter how many times Robin insists like a dum-dum that this is the fifth episode, this SIXTH episode of the season really gets in deep on Liv and Major. What they can and can’t do is discussed in hushed embarrassed tones. We also talk about Blaine’s plans, both cold and tragic, as well as what exactly Major is doing with those mannequins. And you know what? Nothing’s gonna stop us now.

The opening song is brought to us by the amazing iZombie cast’s vocal talents and our prayers for a musical episode.

We were featured on Geek & Sundry! Check out the article here!

And if this is your first time here as a result of it, we apologize for the audio here and there. We blame Skype.

Make sure to check out Mallika on What We Make: A Terminator Podcast and Project Fandom!

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