S2E10 – Method Head


We’re back!

And we’re on hiatus again!

But we have a great midseason episode of iZombie to discuss! Imagine a tv show starring zombies! No, it’s not that dumb, it’s Zombie High, a place where Liv and the gang can be hilariously self-referential. We talk about it at the craft service table with superguest Kevin Bachelder from Tuning In To SciFi TV and Arrow Squad!

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3 thoughts on “S2E10 – Method Head

  1. I discovered your podcast just before the (first) hiatus, and wanted to make sure to comment now to say how much I’ve enjoyed the two installments that I’ve listened to.

    On the whole “murder of the week” procedural vs. ongoing SF-and/or-relationships story thing that came up in this week’s podcast: one thing that I think is important about the show is that it’s usually careful to draw some thematic link between whatever the procedural story is in a given week and what’s going on in the overall story of Liv and her relationships. I think this is why I don’t mind the bits at the end where Liv’s voiceover comments on what eating this brain has taught her about Life, even though that’s normally the sort of thing that makes me groan: it ties the two sides of the show neatly together,

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