S2E12 – Physician, Heal Thy Selfie


Steph and Robin are on their own this week, but before we get into it, we have some hot off the presses news about the season finale!

Yaaaas! TBH, this episode was on fleek but OMG Skype! We can’t even! The struggle is real! We would have totes swiped left since this Skype connection had a Tinder bio that said “Likes to make Steph sound like she’s treading water, enjoys putting Robin on a delay!” #editingtakesforever #firstworldproblems #sorrynotsorry

We eventually unboxed the episode, put our perf duckfaces on, checked our windswept bangs and talked about how it was like a hundo p. If you share this, make sure you tag us. And don’t forget to follow Steph on Snapchat.

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One thought on “S2E12 – Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

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