iZombie Pilot Commentary with Diane Ruggiero-Wright!


COMMENTARY! It’s our very first commentary episode and there is a LOT to celebrate! First off, we have a season three! Woohoo! Secondly, it has been exactly one year since the pilot for iZombie aired so technically we have a birthday to celebrate, too! And who better to celebrate with than iZombie Podcast Bucket List Guest, co-creator and executive producer of iZombie: Diane Ruggiero-Wright!

So get your copy of the pilot queued up and get ready as we chat about the very first episode of iZombie! This was so much fun to do and we hope that you all enjoy listening.

And so many thanks go out to Diane for joining us and also to Master of Punny Chapter Titles, John Bellina, for setting this up!

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One thought on “iZombie Pilot Commentary with Diane Ruggiero-Wright!

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