Bonus Episode – Natalie Farrow!


Robin chats with NATALIE FARROW, who played Ginger, a Max Rager scientist whose partying nearly causes a zombie apocalypse in the season finale “Salivation Army”!

Natalie chats about how she was cast, being turned into a zombie, working with cast and crew, and also getting to watch Rose McIver perform an emotionally powerful scene. Natalie also shares her experience working on The Flash!

Thanks so much for dropping by the podcast, Natalie!

Make sure to follow Natalie on Twitter, her website, and also make sure to read her interview with our friends at iZombie Support Group!

PS Don’t worry, Team Z! Steph and Robin will be back this weekend to break down this epic 2-part finale!! Get your feedback in!

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One thought on “Bonus Episode – Natalie Farrow!

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