Bonus Episode – DragonCon ’16


Stephanie travels to DragonCon again this year, but this time the iZombies have invaded! Rose McIver, Aly Michalka and David Anders were in Atlanta for this event to greet fans and guest on a couple of fun panels. Steph met two out of three of our favorite cast and tells Robin all about it!

Steph also breaks down some of the news from the first Q&A and friend-of-the-show Kevin Bachelder calls in to report from the second Q&A. Finally, to wrap things up for this bonus podcast, Steph once again sits in on an iZombie fan panel. The panelists discuss their assorted thoughts all about Season Two and what they are looking forward to in Season 3. That panel starts at 39:29. Enjoy!

Carol Malcolm (DragonCon Urban Fantasy)
Sue Kisenwether (
Wendy Hembrock (
Kevin Bachelder (
Henry Hanks (
Cherie Priest (
Stephanie Smith (
Damian Allen (@U_Madman)

Thank you to Carol Malcolm and the DragonCon Urban Fantasy track for allowing us to share this recording.

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