iZombie Rewatch – S2E07-08


After a nice shoutout from Dr Ravi himself, we would like to welcome anyone new to the podcast this week! Our friend Will drops by for a discussion of Abra Cadaver and The Hurt Stalker! Thanks for listening!

Remember, our rewatch will include spoilers for Seasons One and Two! If this is your first time watching the show, we highly recommend you listen to our full podcasts recorded at the time they were aired!
Abra Cadaver w/special guest Debs Howard!
The Hurt Stalker

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One thought on “iZombie Rewatch – S2E07-08

  1. Hi guys,

    When eefrax (Is that spelled right?) said that it was possible in Abra Cadaver to figure out who the murderer was before the heroes do, I facepalmed. It reminded me of just how close I came to doing so when I first watched the episode.

    Thirty seconds in, the housekeeper walks into the room, there’s a two-second pause, and you hear her scream.

    But when the camera showed us where the dead body is in the room, I *instantly* said to myself, “That pause was a bit too long. She should have seen the body and screamed the moment she stepped into the room.”

    Sadly, I put it down to an editing error and continued watching. Imagine how annoyed I was at myself when this turned out to be the solution to the murder mystery!

    It just goes to show that I should trust the iZombie writers and directors. They know what they’re doing, unlike some other shows I could name!

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