iZombie Rewatch – S2E15-16


Two weeks to Season 3! In the meantime, we are on our second-to-last episode of our rewatch! This week, we talk about Liv’s Rose McIver disguise in He Blinded Me…With Science! Then it starts getting hot in here as we discuss “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”! Our friend Dare is on the pod this week to free the goldfish from our platform heels. Also, did you see the Team Z Extended Trailer??

Remember, our rewatch will include spoilers for Seasons One and Two! If this is your first time watching the show, we highly recommend you listen to our full podcasts recorded at the time they were aired!
He Blinded Me…With Science
Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

Also, we had two interviews we did around the time these episodes originally aired in one bonus episode:
Leanne Lapp and Dan Etheridge

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