iZombie Rewatch – S2E17-19


It’s the final rewatch! You know what that means! SEASON THREE STARTS NEXT WEEK! April 4th to be exact so make sure you tune in!

In the meantime, Kevin Bachelder (Tuning Into SciFi TV, Tales of the Black Badge) joins us to talk about the last three episodes of Season Two: Reflections of the Way Liv Used To Be, Dead Beat and Salivation Army! There is so much in these episodes to praise again and again! What a way to wrap up another stellar season of iZombie and get us ready for Season Three!

Speaking of, if you spoiler fans wait until the end of the episode, we spill all that we have learned about the new season in a special extra-long spoiler section!

Remember, our rewatch will include spoilers for Seasons One and Two! If this is your first time watching the show, we highly recommend you listen to our full podcasts recorded at the time they were aired!
Reflections of the Way Liv Used To Be
Dead Beat/Salivation Army

Also, we had two interviews we did around the time these episodes originally aired:
Bob Dearden
Natalie Farrow

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4 thoughts on “iZombie Rewatch – S2E17-19

  1. Hi guys,

    I was really saddened to hear that you’re moving up your podcast recording by a day. Netflix’s new deal with iZombie means us international viewers get to see the new episode the day after it airs instead of waiting for the whole season to end – but this will be too late to send our thoughts in to the podcast!

    If it’s merely a matter of Wednesday having freed up and that means you can get the podcast out a day earlier, which in almost all other cases would be laudable, then I’m hoping you’ll reconsider. But obviously if you *can’t* do it on Thursday nights then don’t stress yourselves out over it – I’ll just delay listening to the podcast until after I see the episode, and send in any feedback I have the following week.


    • I do apologize that I wasn’t thinking how this would affect our international listeners. This really is for the benefit for us. Steph works double shifts every other Thursday, so there are some weeks when she is really tired when we get started. On Wednesdays, we can start a couple hours earlier and be more fresh and focused on the podcast. If her work schedule changes, we might move it back to Thursdays, but I don’t see that happening this season. Much apologies again and thank you so much for listening!


      • No need to apologize! When you mentioned the schedule change in the podcast you only talked about how much Wednesdays had opened up; I wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise. You do this for us for free, so obviously if there’s an active scheduling conflict in your lives I’m not going to come whine to you about it 🙂


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