S3E02 – Zombie Knows Best


Robin and Steph are joined by Cheyenne (iZombieLove) to talk about an episode that will leave you in tears! Tears from how much Robert Buckley and Rose McIver made us laugh! And tears from how much Malcolm Goodwin made us cry! This was a nice long discussion and we hope you enjoy it! Season 3 is LITERALLY the best season EVER!

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3 thoughts on “S3E02 – Zombie Knows Best

  1. A few more thoughts after listening to the podcast

    1- Enjoyed getting to know more about Clive’s past, even if it is wrapped in such a sad story. He really got invested in their lives, to such a tragic end, twice.

    2- I am about 70% sure Vivian had something to do with Clive’s friend’s deaths. Still not enough details, but I can totally see her doing it to protect Zombie kind. Gonna be interesting to see where this goes.

    3- You are right, a grill in the Morgue just seems wrong and a serious building code violation.

    4- I cracked up thinking of a bunch of Zombie Soldier’s affected by the brain in Episode 6, (the agoraphobia shut in). Makes sense, (even if it does not makes sense scientifically) that they would need some way for the soldiers not to have the crazy mood swings that Liv has.

    5- Stephanie made a mistake in her song reference. It is Winslow, AZ.

    6- And Winslow’s parent, what a couple of freak crazy persons. One sleeps with his stepdaughter, the other kills her husband and then crafts a detailed way to blame someone else. That kid is going to need some serious therapy.


  2. Hi guys,

    I’m chiming in late here because Netflix Israel doesn’t have the same sweet next-morning streaming deal that they have in Netflix UK. We only get to watch each new iZombie episode the Monday after it broadcasts. It’s better than waiting until the end of the season, but between that and the Passover holiday, I only got to listen to your new podcast episode this morning.

    A few weeks ago you made jokes about listeners screaming at the podcast, and I ended up doing it myself today. Robin keeps looking for more clues to the different origins of the zombie virus, and the three of you speculated that it might have had something to do with the biological weapon that hit the soldiers in Equatorial Kundu.

    But that isn’t what Vivian said in the Season 3 premiere. What she said was that the biological weapon didn’t seem to do anything at first, and then after they came home from battle they all suddenly started dying from it, during their Fourth of July Retreat. She said that she scratched them all in order to save their lives.

    Which means she was already a zombie before the Retreat, 21 months and 21 days ago. And she had used her husband’s hand to scratch herself, that means her husband was a zombie even before then. And who scratched her husband?

    That’s right. Every single zombie we have ever seen on the show can be traced back to Blaine.

    There aren’t multiple versions of catching the zombie virus. All of them have the same origin story: Max Rager + Tainted Utopium. Either they got it at the boat party, or they got it during Vaughn’s experiments in the Fisher Price I mean Max Rager secret basement.

    What’s interesting, though, is that this means the boat party was more than 21 months and 21 days ago. Which, sure, makes sense to people who have watched the show for more than two seasons. But the season 3 premiere picks up 2.8 minutes after the season 2 finale in-universe, even though almost a year passed between the broadcasts. That implies that there are a *lot* of hidden time skips – not just between the boat party and Liv discovering her new purpose in life in the first episode, but also that a lot more than a week passes between most standalone episodes..


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