S3E13 – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain Part 2 w/special guests Ava Frye & Anisha Cheema!


Well, the show has exploded into new and interesting directions making iZombie into a whole new world to explore in Season 4! But, before that, we join forces in a sign of human/zombie friendship with teenage zombies Ava Frye (Tatum Weckler) and Anisha Cheema (Patrice Gold) to break down the biggest season finale yet! After that, we take a peek at some of the info Rob Thomas revealed in his interviews this week. Then we answer all your feedback in our final podcast of the season!

#KeepPatriceAlive #KeepTatumAlive #KeepPatriceandTatumAlive

Thank you Ava and Anisha for hanging out with us! Thank you to the cast and crew of iZombie for producing gold with every episode and supporting our podcast! And thank YOU to the fans of iZombie for listening every week!

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