Bonus Episode: Bob Dearden talks Season 4!


Season 4 is premiering MONDAY FEBRUARY 26 at 9PM! Make sure to watch it live, and tell your friends to watch. If you tweet, set out a couple tweets while you watch and hashtag it “#iZOMBiE”!

But before Monday, we have a bonus pregame tailgate party for the season premiere “Are You Ready For Some Zombies?”. First, I will give you all the latest news and then I get into a chat with a three-time friend-of-the-pod and iZombie writer Bob Dearden! (I may have to make him his own jacket if he makes it to the Five Timers Club!)

I talk with him a bit about some of the questions I still have from Season 3 before we get into a semi-spoilery chat about Season 4! This is a fun chat that I hope you all enjoy. The audio is a bit spotty in parts, I do apologize. Blaine may be Liv’s nemesis, but Skype will always be ours!

Thanks for listening! We truly appreciate your support and kind words!

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