S4E01 – Are You Ready For Some Zombies?


iZOMBiE has returned again with a whole new box of toys to play with! We still have some zom-com-rom-dram, we still have our murder to solve, but we are playing by a whole new set of rules now that New Seattle is walled off and the world knows all about zombies. Fillmore-Graves is in charge with Major as a teen counselor/child soldier recruiter, Seattle PD detectives each get their own zombie so Liv and Clive aren’t such a unique pair anymore, Ravi has changed due to the proto-vaccine he took, Peyton has exited the love triangle and is working for Baracus, Blaine is still running his games and Angus comes back from hell. Or well. Hell is a well, right? Join us as we discuss the episode in detail before we get to all of your feedback! Ciao! (Chow!)

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