S4E05 – Goon Struck w/special guest Bob Dearden!


Bob Dearden returns to talk about his episode “Goon Struck”! So much to dig into, including a hilarious hockey goon brain, Liv vs Blaine, new characters Levon and Sloane, how much fun Clive and Ravi have, Major and Chase’s tough choices, and the death of a much-loved character!

We had some more audio issues with the live show, so I apologize in advance and will refund you all in full! šŸ˜‰

And please, if you are on Twitter, make sure to let @TheCW know that they should #RenewiZOMBiE! The show has gone to a higher level and we want to see it continue for a Season 5! Let them know how much you love it! Imagine a world with no Liv, Ravi, Clive, Major, Peyton and Blaine… *shudder*

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