S4E13 – And He Shall Be A Good Man


The season finale is here and we may still be wiping away our tears. Yes, there are tears over tough decisions and the death of a “Good Man”, but there are also happy tears as our hearts overflow with happiness toward the end of the episode, even if some of it is bittersweet. “Isn’t that just like her?” *sniff!*

We also go through all the feedback you’ve sent us! And there’s a bunch!

Thank you so much for listening to our podcast this season! There will be a Season 4 music podcast coming soon, and maybe even some bonus podcasts as we stick out the long wait to Season 5 together. Stay subscribed!

We would also like to thank the people behind our favorite show and specifically those who have supported us this season: Bob Dearden, Graham Norris, Sara Saedi, Chelsea Catalanotto, John Bellina and Rahul Kohli. Oh, and obviously The CW for giving us a Season 5!

Extra thanks to our friends at TVTime and DC TV Talk!

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