S3E06 – Some Like It Hot Mess


iZombie has been renewed for Season 4! Major is going to live! Blaine has been faking! Paine has sunk! And that blue juice is looking like it’s going to play a bigger role! All this on top of Liv eating a hilarious brain that causes drama for all! Oh yeah, SEASON 4, BABY!

Rob Thomas’s post-episode interview

Apologies for the less than average audio quality in this one. We’ll be back with better quality next week.

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One thought on “S3E06 – Some Like It Hot Mess

  1. Hi guys,

    You expressed confusion about why Clive would care whether whether Barb committed manslaughter or committed murder. But that scene actually played a pretty important role.

    Detective work is hard enough, but even after you figure out whodunit you still need enough evidence for a conviction. A confession is the best way to get that. So when Clive gives Barb that whole speech about the hair dryer, he’s not trying to help her. He’s trying to keep her off-balance. If she’s thinking about the difference between 20 years in prison and 10 years in prison, she won’t be thinking about the difference between asking and not asking for a lawyer.

    Police procedurals too often take the lazy way out by having the suspect conveniently confess once the proof is revealed, so I absolutely love it when they go out of their way to do something like this. It was a wonderful tactic that gave Clive a chance to show just how good he is at his job. (I won’t get into whether it actually *would* be a choice between murder and manslaughter in this case; suffice to say the police are allowed to lie during interrogations.)

    I also don’t think it’s an accident that they went out of their way to do this in the same episode where Peyton mentions the weird spontaneous confession of the dominatrix’s killer. I think the writers set up this contrast deliberately. I can’t see Dirt Nap Time until Sunday, but I expect they’ll be following up on that at some point.


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