S3E08 – Eat a Knievel


Sup gnarly bros and babes! We’re back to talk cattle prods, red staplers and righteous balltagging! We might have cursed a few times describing how much we hate the murder victim. Sorry kids. We also wonder a bit about who lives, who dies and how happy we are to have Evil Blaine back!

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One thought on “S3E08 – Eat a Knievel

  1. Hi guys!

    Seeing the episode on Sunday or later means I never really send feedback about the episode so much as send feedback about your podcast. And Robin said two separate things that I want to put together.

    The first is that it never occurred to me that Vivian might not be dead.

    Now that’s a little bit odd, you might say. Isn’t it Television Rule Number 1 that someone isn’t dead if we don’t see the body? So why did both Steph and me – and many of your listeners – think that she is? Because of the news report, in which the FAA confirmed that there were three casualties. They generally don’t confirm something like that unless they’ve investigated it thoroughly, right?

    But then there’s the second thing: the FAA also claimed that it was a drive malfunction that blew up the helicopter, and Robin doesn’t believe that either.

    But why would the US government lie, Robin? Why?

    …you know, we haven’t seen Ravi’s old boss in a while. She’s supposedly very important to this season, but all she did was make him uncomfortable in one episode and *too* comfortable in another episode. She works for the US government, who have a vested interest both in containing disease outbreaks and in keeping a secret if the truth might cause a panic. Worse, she had free access in and around the morgue for at least a couple of weeks, which means she had plenty of time to access Ravi’s notes without him knowing…

    You see where I’m going with this. And if it wasn’t Blaine, Don E, Justin, or Vivian who stole the cure, then….


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